Dear body

I have neglected you. I have harmed you. I have put you in positions where I could have lost you. You do so much for me. You make my heart beat, you pump warm blood throughout my body, you allow me to breathe profoundly. You do all this while I neglect you. I intoxicate you,... Continue Reading →

Dear Father

I've wrote you so many letters. I've been angry, disappointed, hurt. I've longed you in others. I've tried to fill my void with multiple partners. The hole you left me with is too deep for anyone to fill but, me. I thought if I never have the relationship I always wanted at least I had... Continue Reading →

I did want to scream

I did want to scream. When he held my arms down and told me to be quiet. I did want to scream. When he whispered in my ear, "Everythings okay, you'll like this" I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs. When he forced me to look him in the eyes but, I... Continue Reading →

Dear White Friend

Dear white friend, I am angry at you. I am angry at you because it's so easy for you to completely ignore what's happening to me and my people. I know I know¬†you don't see color. But, this has always been about race. My people are fed up with the system because this system doesn't... Continue Reading →


What do you know about forgiveness? You may be a super forgiving and kind person. You know that we all have different circumstances and at times slip up. But, how good are you with forgiveness when it comes to yourself? How quick are you to forgive yourself for making a mistake? If you're anything like... Continue Reading →


In the past few months I took a lot of losses. From injuring my leg, dealing with a traumatic death, losing friends, leaving school, and piling up health issues. I just couldn't take it anymore. I couldn't sleep, I couldn't walk (literally), and I was grieving. On top of all that I had throat surgery... Continue Reading →

Trust in God’s plan

Dear followers, At the age of 15, I decided I wanted to be an occupational¬†therapist. Knowing very little about how lifechanging this decision was truly going to be, I now sit in awe. Time and time again life proved to me that this was my path and I knew deep down the decision was much... Continue Reading →

New year, New me

As your news feeds fill with broken promises, recycled quotes, and just plain concepts that people want to let YOU know they will accomplish. They just want to shove their greatness in your face when in all honesty, they're not even your competition. Am I right?! I hope you've become smarter than to let these... Continue Reading →

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